Frequently Asked Questions

Will UK electrical goods work here in Kenya?

Yes! We both have a 220 –240 volt domestic supply & even the fitted plugs will fit your sockets!

How long will it take for items to arrive?

This is dependent on the supplier’s delivery schedules. Normally UK delivery takes 2-3 working days. Our aim is to receive all goods within 3 days of purchase date. Transit time from our shipper’s warehouse is 7-8 days to Nairobi. For other areas please contact us directly from an immediate quote and expected transit time.

What does it cost to send goods to Kenya?

A Fixed Service fee of 30 pounds (Excl VAT)per order.
Freight Charges £ 4.75 Per KG

Can I specify a delivery date when ordering?

For some items you’ll be able to select a preferred collection date when placing your order as long as the supplier is able to deliver it to our UK address at the time given and it falls within our already specified collection schedules. If, for any reason, we cannot meet your choice of dates we will contact you to arrange an alternative collection date.

How do I know if my order has been received?

Upon receipt of your order, an Acknowledgement email will be sent to you. This will inform you of the total amount payable to us prior to placing your order (inclusive shipping charges). Please print out this page for future reference. Once your payment has reached our Bank you will receive a` Payment confirmation’ email informing that your order is being placed with the relevant retailer(s) / supplier(s).

Can I add to an existing order?

You can add items to your order until you confirm by payment and therefore complete the order. Once the order is confirmed, you cannot add items to the same order. If you’d like to order additional items, then you would have to place a new order.

When will my order be delivered to the Collection point?

For most items the delivery dates available for your order will be 7-8 working days from the time the order is delivered to our office address in the UK by your goods supplier.

Do I have to personally come and collect the items?

We would prefer that you collected the good(s) yourself. This is simply to ensure the goods are delivered and received correctly. However, If you cannot be present to come and collect, you will need to call our customer service in advance and give the details of the person you will be sending. We will require their full names and ID number.

Can I return a product, exchange it or get a refund?

We want you to be totally satisfied with every order you place through us. If for any reason, you are not completely happy with your purchase, please see MYUKSHOPPING Refunds policy.

Are receipts sent with deliveries?

The receipt is the address label on the parcel. You will need this in case you wish to return goods. Please see our Refunds and Returns policy.

Can I order for home delivery?

Yes. We will however charge you a nominal amount for this service. Please Contact our customer service for more details..


Shopping online with is straightforward and convenient Please see How to Order.

What is the minimum or maximum order I can place per transaction?

  • Whilst we would love everyone to be able to visit our site, there is a restriction of £50.00 (Fifty pounds) minimum acceptable order per transaction. There is no maximum acceptable order per transaction.
  • Any orders below the minimum transaction amount will be subject to a special request.

MYUKSHOPPING fully subscribes to the Kenya’s Proceeds of Crime and Anti-Money laundering Act 2009 (AML) against corruption and money laundering. The AML Law seeks to establish a Financial Reporting Centre (FRC) and Assets Recovery Agency, to criminalize money laundering and further require reporting institutions to take measures to help combat money laundering. Hence transactions on this site may be subject to inspection from the FRC, Anti-Money Laundering Advisory Board and Assets Recovery Agency or any other designated regulatory bodies time to time e.g. Kenya Police and KRA. Whilst our business is not designated as a reporting institution, the Act stipulates that the Minister may on the advice of the FRC, declare any other business or profession in which the risk of money laundering exists, as a reporting institution.

What is service charge and how do you calculate it?

  • Service charge is the amount MYUKSHOPPING charges you for carrying out the entire transaction (from point of order to delivery at designated collection point) on your behalf. The service charge is currently fixed at £30* per order.
  • The amount payable will be made up of the Cost of the products, Shipping charges + Service charge, and we will use the prevailing exchange rate to calculate the Ksh equivalent.
  • Should you prefer to make payment in Sterling pounds, please send us an email once you receive the invoice for your order and we will send you more details of our Sterling Bank Account
Please note that we do not charge any service charge on your shipping cost regardless of your user status.
*This is subject to change from time to time depending on economic realities and/or company policy. However you will be advised in time before any such change is affected.

Are my details secure?

Shopping through MYUKSHOPPING is as secure as shopping in any store. Your personal details will be kept securely. Please see our Security and Privacy policy for more details on how to make online shopping secure.

How can I pay for my orders?

There are two (2) payment options

  1. Bank Deposit

    • Bank Name : Bank of Africa

      Branch : Westlands

      Account Name : Eastra Trading Ltd

      Account number : 03030470002

      Currency : Kenya Shillings

    • Bank Name : Bank of Africa

      Branch : Westlands

      Account Name : Eastra Trading Ltd

      Account number : 03030470015

      Currency : Foreign Currency

  2. Through our M-Pesa paybill number